Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An oldie...

Wrote this a very long time ago. Obviously meant to be spoken by my twin sister and me. Corny but cute.


Me: They say twins have the power to understand each other without speaking.

Allie: haha that's weird… alright you need to stop thinking about your hair. IT LOOKS FINE!!

Me: One egg, one womb, we grew.

Allie: Connected by an umbilical chord we learned to share our first meals.

Me: We both came out scrawny and white.

Allie: But we came out screamin' alright. I learned how to walk.

Me: I followed. I learned how to speak.

Allie: well we all know that was a mistake.

Allie: They say twins can read each other's …

Me: Thoughts.

Allie: Hey Remember that time...?

Me:haha oh yeah. And remember when...?

Allie: You know I hate when you tell that story!

Me: They say twins can feel each other's pain. People ask.. "If
someone pinches you will she feel it?"

Allie: "hey If someone poisons you, will you die!?"...................…………When I'm hurt..

Me: I cry. When I'm happy..

Allie: I smile. When I'm lonely...

Me: I'm here.

Me: We have a bond that no one else can imagine.

Allie: Because for them it's too scary to try.

Me: We have the power to understand each other.

Allie: Because we took the time to practice.

Me: We have a love that no one can duplicate.

Allie: Because they won't allow it to grow.

Me: All we're asking is…stop trying to dissect us

Allie: And start reconnecting yourselves.

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