Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the Void

I wonder when I write these things... who are they really going to? Who will read them? Who will analyze them, like I have? Who will like them? Who will be brave and willing enough to critique them?

If it's no one... then I'm talking to the Void. Hi Void.

The good and bad thing about the Void is that it doesn't talk back.


I've been thinking lately... about what I want in life. And really, my mind goes blank. Of course there are the occasional thoughts of possibilities... but unless I act on them, they really go nowhere. I'm 25. Let me say it again.......TWENTY FIVE. I have no career, no house, no social life, really, and i'm on a narrow path to a place that I don't think I want to go. Don't get me wrong, I am greatful. I am greatful for my parents who worked their hardest to pay partially for my undergrad career at Stony Brook University, for my sisters who, even on my worst days, are willing to take my crap, my friends for always being there when I needed someone to cry on or bitch at or even attack. I'm greatful for living. And living well.

If there is something I should be doing.... give me a sign.

So, I'll send this message out to the Void, in hopes that it will hear me... and maybe finally answer.