Sunday, February 28, 2010

I thought I was PAST all of this?

You hear a song and it brings you back to a moment in time where things seemed so right.

It brings you back to a person who you confided in, maybe for a number of years, maybe only for a short period of time, maybe just for that moment. 

Your eyes capture a simple shape, a figure in the dark, a color that triggers a memory of the way his face curved, the way her hair glowed at dusk, the way it was when you felt a presence next to you. 

Your nose catches an aroma, a scent that you were never able to put words to and involuntarily stimulates the nerves in your head, in your fingertips, and sends signals directly to your heart. 

It sends you on a journey back in time to a place you may or may not want to go. 

And even now I wonder why...moments that seemed so insignificant in my life at one point are now moments that I can't seem to forget.

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