Sunday, January 24, 2010

25 Years

As my hands grow older
So do the stars
But they’ve been here for millions of years
Searching for their counterparts

And I’ve only walked this earth
25 rotations around the sun
25 more and I’ll be gone
Leaving behind a revolution

As my hair grows longer
So do the days
With summer approaching and the marigolds soaking
In the sun we’ve all learned to praise

And I’ve only braced that light
25 terms in my life
25 more and I’ll be gone
Leaving a trail of gratitude behind

As my feet grow colder
So does my heart
But it’s been aflame longer than proclaimed
So I’ll take all of what I part

And I’ve only lived with this heart
25 winter courses
25 more and I’ll be gone
Leaving this earth with no remorse

Yes I will leave this earth with no remorse.

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