Thursday, October 8, 2009

The process of thought.

I've made mistakes numerous times in my life. Sometimes minute, sometimes great. Regret is something I don't like to admit to, but I find myself doing so on occasion. It's funny. I look at the past and wonder where the hell the time went. I look at the future and wonder if it'll ever be as good. Maybe I have a nostalgic view of how it "used to be." I wish I could understand it. I wish i can grasp it, pull it into my chest and hold on tight. Never let go. But there's a reason why they associate "time" with sand. It slips right through your fingers. You can't even feel it, until your hand's empty.

Someone I know very well told me the other day that he's realized one thing. Life's not about your past, it's not about making a future, it's about being around the people who make you smile, who make you laugh, who make you love. And I've realized that's it. It's about BEING. Just being. Because being is present. And the people you love who are present with you are all that really matter.

So in that aspect, I shouldn't regret a thing. Nor should I really worry about what's going to happen... because it's going to happen no matter what I do.

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